2022 Breakthrough Cider Maker Awards Entries

Candidates have until February 28 to enter the awards, which are free and open to cider makers producing between 3,000 and 15,000 liters of cider per year.

Sandford Orchards Chief Cider Maker, Barny Butterfield, said: “The Breakthrough Cider Maker Awards are unlike any other cider competition.

“It’s the competition I would have liked to win when I started. Without a budget, without a lot of help and support, it can be really daunting trying to get into any career, let alone cider.

“The winners of these awards benefit from invaluable help in their journey: mentoring, advice on strategy and brand image, technical assistance with cider production and guaranteed referencing in on and off trade. It’s a reward with the kind of bankable bonus that doesn’t grow on trees.

Great prizes

Prizes for this year’s awards include business strategy mentorship with Butterfied, retail listing at Darts Farm, Devon, business listing with one of The Stable restaurants, £500 to spend with supplier of equipment and consumables, Vigo limited, mentorship from our cider makers including a tour of our site and theirs and a winning limited edition cider from Sandford Orchards.

Additionally, everyone who participates will receive in-depth, detailed and actionable feedback on their participation.

Thornborough Cider, which won the top awards, owner Kingsley Ash said: “Winning the Breakthrough Awards not only gave us validation and confirmation that we were doing the right thing, but also gave us access to a network of experts for advice, feedback, inspiration and guidance.

“The awards themselves have been great with the Vigo voucher allowing us to scale up our production which has been fortunate as our orders have increased significantly over the duration of the award.

This has had an extremely positive impact on our business. Any cider maker with growth ambitions should definitely apply. »

give something back

The Breakthrough Cider Maker Awards were launched by Sandford Orchards in 2019 and aim to recognize and celebrate the UK’s excellent quality whole ciders, as well as providing aspiring cider makers with tips, advice and guaranteed lists with on and off trade.

Butterfield added: “I am so proud that Sandford Orchards has been able to make these awards a reality.

“It’s great to be able to give something back to the industry that has given me so much.

“Bringing cider makers together is always great for sharing ideas and imagining projects that we all hope will bring the joy of cider to more and more people.

“By supporting cider’s energetic future across the country, we hope to reach curious wine, beer and spirits drinkers and build love for this wonderful beverage.”

For more information visit www.sandfordorchards.co.uk.

Virginia C. Taylor