Android Auto to add USB cable quality checker, how to use it

Android Auto is finally approaching the rollout of a tool we first spotted almost a year ago. With the latest update, Android Auto can check the quality of your USB cable to see if it’s causing you any issues.

It’s not uncommon for Android Auto to have connection issues, but the cause is usually the same. If you’re having issues with Android Auto, chances are it’s because your USB cable isn’t quite up to the quality it should be. Google has even long declared it to be a probable cause, with a support page that’s been around for years explicitly stating that “not all USB cables will work with all cars”.

Now Google is helping Android Auto users check if the USB cable is causing their problems. Originally called “Connectivity Troubleshooter” when we first discovered the tool, Google has added “USB Boot Diagnostics” to Android Auto 7.5 and later, although the functionality is not in fact deployment yet – we were able to force it on our end to give it a quick test, though. Mishaal Rahman on Twitter highlighted the silent addition.

When the feature rolls out, you’ll see it in the “Connection Helper” menu for Android Auto. Launching the USB Cable Quality Checker in Android Auto will prompt you to disconnect the current cable, reconnect it, and then the system will automatically run a test to determine if the cable is up to par to run Android Auto properly as shown. below.

It’s unclear when Google plans to bring the feature to all Android Auto users, but it looks like it will arrive sooner rather than later, given that the work has been underway for nearly a year.

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Virginia C. Taylor