Baltimore City SEO Announces Powerful, Easy-to-Use SERP Checker to Help SEOs Better Search Engine Optimization

SERP Checker is an innovative approach to automatically track a website’s ranking on the search engine results page while allowing SEOs to discover high volume keywords with low competition.

Every SEO, web developer, and content marketer understands how important it is to track their website’s rank on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). However, there is no denying that tracking a website’s SERP ranking and benchmarking it against the competition is time consuming and downright frustrating. It takes a lot of initiative to check if you have outperformed the competition or if you lose your ranking.

To make the job of tracking a website’s SERP ranking easier, Baltimore City SEO is excited to announce the release of SERP Checker, a powerful and very intuitive keyword position checking tool to help SEOs and content marketers effectively track their website ranking. The SERP Checker tool offers more than just an accurate measure of a website’s ranking to deliver high volume, low competition keywords.

“It changed the way we do business,” explained James Jernigan, CEO and Founder of Baltimore City SEO. “It’s all automated, so we just type in a keyword or a URL, and the tool does the rest. From keyword tracking to white label SEO audits, this simple SERP checker enables our team to consistently increase organic traffic while spending less time than ever before on technical SEO implementations.

Analyzing results pages from Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines just got easier with the SERP Checker. It will prove to be a great tool for SEOs with clients unfamiliar with the technical aspects of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Gone are the days of spending long hours doing SEO audits and explaining what data means to distraught customers. It’s easy to automate an entire website audit process with one click and export the data as a spreadsheet, which can be white-labeled and delivered directly to customers.

The SERP Checker works by pulling data directly from Google to determine exactly where a website ranks for a particular keyword. A tool like this comes in handy as the SEO landscape becomes more complicated and competitive, with several algorithm updates released almost every month. The developers of SERP Checker currently have an introductory pricing offer that makes the tool very affordable.

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