Benefits of using a website builder

Your website design sets you apart from your competition and makes you look professional.

Due to rising expectations, creating a modern website design is important to engage customers and meet their needs.

Website design plays a key role in brand positioning. If you are just starting your online business, you will definitely need more recognition to get conversion rates. In order to attract more people to buy your products, you have to gain their trust. If you give them a good user experience, they’re more likely to build on your brand and become loyal customers.

Personalized content, easy navigation, adherence to the latest SEO guidelines, and a good user experience are essential for good conversion rates. It is not as difficult as it sounds. With the growth of the digital space, there are many options available to make your website look perfect.

Most importantly, you need to be clear about the goals you want to achieve with your website. Once you know it, you will understand how to build a website.

There are two ways to build your website: either you hire a freelance web developer / professional web development agency or you can rely on a website builder.

In this article, you will understand the difference between a website builder and a web developer as well as the benefits of using the former.

Website builder vs web developer


Website builder

Website builders are tools that help you build your website quickly and easily. There are several models you can choose from, whichever suits you best.

WordPress is the most common example, but there are plenty of other professional website builders to help you build a website. The biggest benefit of using a website builder is that it has simplified the experience of building a website. Previously, due to the technical complexities involved in the process, people preferred to hire someone for website development. But now it has become easy for every newbie to build their own website with the availability of many free software tools designed for this purpose.

Website Developer

You can hire a freelance web developer or a company providing web development services to meet your needs. Website developers also strive to effectively present your brand information to maximize customer engagement. But it takes human effort. You can definitely get custom designs for your website which can make it look whimsical. But it could drain a lot of your money.

It is obvious that human efficiency cannot be compared to that of a machine. Web Builders are thus preferred because they are cheaper and more efficient. Here are some of the best small business website builders:

  • Weebly
  • Square space
  • WordPress
  • Come on daddy
  • Shopify
  • Wix

Benefits of using a website builder

Creating a user-friendly website

1. Computing saves time

Using website builders has proven to be time efficient. The integrated collection of tools and apps helps you build a website in just a few hours. If you are ready with the website content, you just need to choose from the available templates and enter your content in the chosen template. And voila, your website is ready to go.

2. You don’t need to be a technical assistant

You don’t have to be a “techie” to build a website. It sounds unreal, but it’s true. The website builders are especially designed so that you don’t really need any technical skills. There are many predefined templates to choose from. This saves you the trouble of creating a template yourself. You just have to be ready with the content.

3. Added tools and applications

Website builders give you a library of tools and apps to choose from. With the help of these tools, you can easily create custom websites. You will find many tools and applications for free in the collection. There are also paid apps. It’s up to you to decide which ones to choose for your website. It is a simple drag and drop process.

4. Website maintenance becomes easy

Google continues to update its algorithms for a better user experience. It is therefore necessary to follow the updates. Regular health checks of your website are very important to maintain a good user experience and SEO friendliness. It can be a tedious task, but website builders have a simple user interface that simplifies the process of web maintenance.

5. Save money

It is a myth that you have to spend thousands to make your website. There are many options available that can make your website free. So you can start with a free plan and then gradually move to a paid plan. Or you can go straight to a paid plan depending on your needs. Either way, using website builders would be cheaper than hiring a website developer.

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Creating a user-friendly and responsive website is a very important task for any business. Website builders and web developers can help you build a great website.

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