Best Free Website Builders of 2022 – Forbes Advisor

WordPress has been the dominant force in free website development for years, as its service was among the first professional online website builders to offer you the domain, hosting and design you need. to be operational completely free of charge.

With a free site using the cloud-based builder, you get a drag-and-drop editor with dozens of themes, domain and hosting.

WordPress displays ads on your free site, and you can’t access e-commerce tools without upgrading to a paid account. However, the cost to upgrade is lower than most competitors – the cheapest plan is just $48 per year, and you can remove ads and collect payments.

If you want a more customizable site with access to the open source plugins that WordPress is known for, you can create a self-managed WordPress site using software from is best known for its paid website builders, but it is possible to use the software for free. You need to find free or cheap web hosting, and you can download free WordPress themes to use the drag and drop editor and CMS. This requires more technical know-how than any cloud-based option, so you may need to hire a WordPress developer to set up the site for you.

Who should use it:
WordPress is designed for blogging and includes one of the most robust content management systems widely available. This feature may be unnecessary or overwhelming unless content is at the heart of your business. WordPress is therefore best suited for content-based businesses, such as blogs, magazines, news sites, and other online publications.

Virginia C. Taylor