Bike maker that also offers custom geo (at a fixed price) – Tech & Product

Doing my research, I was planning on buying a road bike around August. Me and my extendo arms don’t fit many companies’ standard sizes very well. A few bikes are pretty close to my bikefitter’s recommended geo, so a few options around. I stick with rim brake because I have wheels I want to use.

So I was going through the Condor Cycles website, looked at some of the bikes, geo diagrams, etc. I almost failed to notice and would have dismissed them as an option.

Dear CyclingTips forum, are there any other companies that you wouldn’t expect to do custom geolocation, but do? More likely to be a metal bike, and that’s fine. There are some great custom builders out there, but many have long waiting lists.

Any advice appreciated. In a good option, but thought I’d check here.

If you want titanium, Litespeed offers custom geometry for a flat fee. (I think it’s a bit more expensive though.) Lynskey might as well.

Although not custom, Fairlight Cycles offers their Strael road frame in 10 total sizes – 5 base sizes, each with a high and a regular version.

I believe most Ti makers will do custom geometry for a fee. Mosaic, Moots, Seven and Firefly come to mind. Waltly in China also does custom Geo Ti if you are on a budget.

Stelbel (from Bergamo, Italy) makes custom sizes at a fixed price. Mostly steel but also. And the bikes are as good as the people who ride them.

Tommasini is another Italian manufacturer that does custom geo. Mainly steel with beautiful decals. I’ve heard good things about it but I haven’t ridden one myself.

Virginia C. Taylor