BITS & BYTES: Bidwell House Maker Day; Green drinks with Greenagers; Native American Graves Law Conference; Grant deadline from the Alford / Egremont Cultural Council; BCC nursing requests expected in February

The Bidwell House Museum will be hosting a Maker Day, outdoors on the museum grounds, on Saturday, October 23 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Photo courtesy of the museum

Bidwell House Museum to host Maker Day on October 23

MONTEREY – The Bidwell House Museum will host a Creators day, outside on the Museum grounds, on Saturday October 23 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Originally scheduled for July but postponed due to bad weather, the event is free and will feature artisans, live music and fall-themed refreshments.

Guests will have the opportunity to see traditional crafts being practiced by local artisans as they might have been in the 18th century, both by the indigenous peoples of early New England and by European settlers, including:

  • Del Martin from Knox Trail Forge will demonstrate traditional blacksmithing techniques and display some of his wares
  • Roger Longtoe Sheehan from the Elnu Abenaki Tribe will demonstrate how to make soapstone pipes and discuss their history and uses
  • Linda Longtoe Sheehan from the Elnu Abenaki Tribe will work with seashells and glass beads to make wampum belts, and discuss the history of the wampum and its importance to indigenous peoples past and present.
  • Jim Taylor, of Abenaki and Cherokee descent, is a traditional quill from the Eastern Woods who will create decorations for bags and knife cases using porcupine quills.
  • The Berkshire Hills and Dales Spinning Guild will share traditional spinning and weaving techniques

There will be live music by local favorites Moonshine Holler from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., along with free cider and apple cider fritters. Demonstrations will take place on the property, which is open all day, free of charge. The house will not be open to visitors on that day.

On site, visitors can also participate in a variety of self-guided tours of the property, including the “Outside the House Tour” and a walk on the Native American Interpretive Trail. The museum also has gardens, miles of trails, and two new picnic tables where guests can enjoy a packed lunch. Trail maps and route maps can be found on the Museum porch.


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Pittsfield Green Drinks to welcome Greenagers Director of Conservation

Photo by the Greenagers Trail team courtesy of the Greenagers website

PITTSFIELD – At Tuesday October 19 at 6 p.m., Pittsfield Green Drinks will welcome Elia Del Molino, Director of Conservation at Greenagers Inc., to talk about the environmental non-profit organization whose mission is to engage young people in the community through conservation, education and agriculture. Del Molino works to employ local youth in trail building and land stewardship projects.

Registration is required for this virtual event.

For the past nine years, Greenagers has led trail construction crews in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York; the education program led a program based on climate change and water quality in southern Berkshire; and the agricultural program took over the stewardship of an 80-acre farm and donated the produce to local pantries.

Pittsfield Green Drinks is an informal gathering on the third Tuesday of the month. These evenings are free and open to anyone interested in the environment. Due to the pandemic, the current Green Drinks meetings are being held virtually.

Pittsfield Green Drinks is sponsored by the Berkshire Environmental Action Team (TO BEAT). For more information on Pittsfield Green Drinks, contact Sarit at [email protected] or 413-464-9402.


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The Berkshire County Historical Society to Present a Lecture on the Native American Graves Act

Photo courtesy of the National Park Service website

PITTSFIELD – The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) proposes certain criteria for the return of ancestral remains and cultural heritages of tribal nations. After 30 years of this law, there are still an impressive number of human remains that have not been returned. There are also often discrepancies between how tribes and museums determine whether the NAGPRA categories apply to objects in museum collections. At Friday October 22 at 7 p.m., Bonney Hartley, NAGPRA representative for the Stockbridge-Munsee community, the indigenous tribal nation of the Berkshires, will share insights from the community’s recent experiences with repatriation efforts in the region and highlight the ways museums have increasingly changed their understanding of tribal stewardship.

This free virtual event is sponsored by Greylock Federal Credit Union, supported by a grant from Housatonic Heritage, and presented by the Berkshire County Historical Society in conjunction with the exhibit “Muh-he-con-ne-ok: The people of the waters who are never stillOn view at the Berkshire Museum until January 9, 2022. To receive the conference zoom link, please register by calling 413-442-1793 or emailing [email protected]


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Alford / Egremont Cultural Council grant deadline is approaching

ALFORD, EGREMONT – Funding requests for community arts, humanities and science programs are due October 15, 2021. The Alford / Egremont Cultural Council accepts proposals from organizations, schools and individuals for grants that support cultural activities in the community.

These grants help fund projects, programs and events in the arts, humanities and sciences that foster a rich cultural life for residents of Alford / Egremont. New and innovative projects, including virtual events, as well as programs for children are encouraged. Applications offering free or low cost programs or events will be given priority.

Applications should be typed, signed by the applicant and sent to: Alford / Egremont Cultural Council, Egremont Town Hall, PO Box 368, South Egremont, MA 01258.

Grant applications are available through the Site of the Mass Culture Council.


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Berkshire Community College Announces Application Deadline for Nursing Program

PITTSFIELD – Berkshire Community College (BCC) announces deadline of Tuesday February 1, 2022 to apply to its Associate’s degree in nursing (ADN) program for the fall semester 2022. Admissions to the nursing program are based on seat availability and go through a competitive process.

The BCC Nursing Program, which is approved by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing and accredited by the Nursing Education Accreditation Commission, is a sequence of lectures, professional training, and laboratory and clinical courses. Graduates are eligible for the licensing exam to become a registered nurse (RN).

For more information visit, where you can schedule a 30-minute information session with Eleanore Velez, coordinator of the BCC Multicultural Center. Velez can also be reached at 413-236-1636.


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