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Caring for someone often means people can’t work as many hours and therefore bring home less money. However, financial support is available from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to help cover the cost of living.

Caregivers save the UK economy over £530m every day according to Carers UK.

Figures suggest that some 500,000 people do not apply for Carer’s Allowance because they do not know they are eligible for this financial aid.

Even if it affects an applicant’s right to other state benefits, applying for child care allowance should improve people’s situation.

Not only could the Carer’s Allowance be worth an extra £278 a month, it also acts as a gateway to further financial support.

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How does carer’s allowance affect other benefits?

On the government’s website it says: ‘When you apply for child care allowance your other benefits may change but your total benefits will increase or stay the same.

“Care allowance does not count towards the benefit ceiling.

“If you are on Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit, you should contact HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to let them know you are applying for Care Allowance.

“If you are on pension credit, your payments will increase if you are eligible for child care allowance.”

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The website offers carers money on car insurance, cell phones, outings and travel. Other benefits and gifts caregivers may be entitled to include:

  • Caregivers could get Universal Credit payments from DWP
  • They may also be able to get help with housing payments if they qualify for Universal Credit.
  • Some Universal Credit applicants also get help with their municipal tax bills
  • Check programs like WaterSure for up to 50% off water bills
  • People who are not eligible for Carer’s Allowance can benefit from the Universal Credit Element for Carers
  • Discounts on purchases and invoices at
  • A reimbursement card for caregivers at
  • Outings – The National Trust and English Heritage offer free entry to carers or companions of disabled visitors.
  • A free bus pass – people should check their local council’s website for details.
  • The Association of Cinema Operators allows a cinema customer with a disability to get a free ticket for someone who accompanies them.

Virginia C. Taylor