Comelec uses DICT to host a constituency locator and voter status checker

THE Electoral Commission (Comelec) contracted the Department of Information and Communication Technology (DICT) to host the voter registration status verification and constituency search systems for the May 9 elections.

Speaking at the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOA) between the two agencies, Comelec Chairman Saiamen Pangarungan said they had partnered with DICT for hosting many online systems essential for the next elections.

“Thanks to DICT’s expertise and facilities, we can expect the hosting of Comelec’s various online applications to be seamless and secure,” Pangarungan said.

“We are fully confident that DICT will provide safe and secure web hosting services for Comelec’s online applications,” he added.

Pangarungan said the voter registration status checker will respond to inquiries regarding the status of voter registration on the voter rolls.

On the other hand, the Precinct Finder and the Post Finder will inform local and foreign voters if their registration records are active and if they can vote on election day.

The online voter certification application will also be hosted by the DICT, which will allow registered voters to apply for voter certification issuance and pay the fee online.

Pangarungan said the DICT will also host the election results website which will keep the public informed about the election results.

Under the agreement, encrypted data containing the personal information of registered voters will remain under the management, custody and security of Comelec.

The DICT, for its part, will ensure the security of the cloud infrastructure used to host the online services.

In 2016, Comelec’s website was defaced and hacked, which subsequently resulted in a breach of sensitive voter information.

Among the features that have been affected are the website’s Precinct Finder, video demos, and search function. (HDT/SunStar Philippines)

Virginia C. Taylor