Cybersecurity startup IEM Labs launches plagiarism checker, an AI-powered software

New Delhi: Kolkata-based cybersecurity startup IEM Labs has launched an AI-powered plagiarism checker and content generation software.

The plagiarism checker, called IEMSecure, can scan 10 billion sources in just seconds, while the AI ​​writer can generate content in 50 languages, the company said in a statement.

Used mainly by educational institutions and media companies, the plagiarism checker is able to check source code for plagiarism and inform users if the content matches any other website. The software also identifies grammatical errors and offers corrections.

The company-built AI writer, in addition to automating the process of creating impactful content, also helps convert large chunks of content into a concise summary, which Google also recently showcased at its I conference. /O 2022.

The Services are available free of charge to normal users, but have a nominal fee for enterprise use. The company said it will provide round-the-clock customer support for the services.

“The AI ​​Writer is a unique and native product because it not only writes but creates the content with appropriate expression,” said Hrithik Lall, CTO, IEMA Research and Development, in the release.

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The multilingual content builder supports 50 languages. “We strongly believe it will be of greater utility in terms of current usage trend,” he added.

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Virginia C. Taylor