Dash’s $25 mini ice cream maker only takes 30 minutes

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We know it’s still spring, but we dream of summer time and whatever the season brings, like getting some vitamin D in the parks and meeting friends on the rooftops of the city. The only thing missing from this perfect summer day is something to cool us down, which we will of course need while it is hot and humid AF. If, like us, ice cream is your weak point in the warmer months, we’ve found your new favorite item that will save you big bucks.

Two small scoops of ice cream will cost you at least five dollars these days, if not more. When all you want to eat while sweating buckets is ice cream but don’t want to waste tons of money on it, take Dash’s My Pint Electric Ice Cream Maker and prepare yours.

This mini ice cream maker is not a bulky machine with a million different buttons. It is actually super easy to use and also very compact. We’re not kidding, it only has one button: an on-off switch. As for the size, it’s probably no bigger than your water bottle, measuring 5 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall.

Not only can you enjoy a frozen treat on your own schedule, but you also have full control over how you flavor your ice cream. Hate that so many grocery store pints are way too sweet for your taste? Use your small Dash ice cream maker to solve this problem. Is your local creamery always running out of your favorite flavor? Just replicate it with your Dash ice cream maker.

One reviewer called the small but mighty machine “simplest ice cream maker I had.” They added, “Super easy to assemble, use and clean. The ‘recipe book’ is very minimalistic, but it’s easy enough to create your own recipes using it as a guide.”

It’s a real godsend for those who might eat ice cream at every meal of the day, those who heat up easily, those who don’t want to buy another $7 ice cream, and those who want a healthier alternative. Basically this $25 mini ice cream maker is for everyone because who doesn’t love a scoop of creamy ice cream on a hot summer day?

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With that ice cream machine, you can whip up a single serving of ice cream (1.6 cups, to be exact) in less than 30 minutes. Simply chill the cooling bowl overnight and the next day add your ingredients and mixes. Close the lid, turn on the switch and let the machine churn your creation for half an hour. A pint of your favorite ice cream in 30 minutes is honestly pretty miraculous if you ask us.

It also comes with a mixing spoon so you can scoop straight from the bowl or bend toppings with it. the ice cream machine also weighs less than a pound, making it so easy to carry around your home and store in your kitchen cabinets.

Dash Amazon Ice Cream Maker

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“That makes one good sized portion or two fairly small portions. The result is not frozen ice cream, it is more like soft serve ice cream,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “One of the things I like the most about the Dash is that I can control the amount of sugar, because most commercial ice cream is way too sweet for my taste.”

Choose your ingredients, whether you want organic, sugar-free, fresh or other fruit. If you can’t find healthy ice cream at your convenience store, don’t worry, make your own! And get creative, whether you throw in rainbow sprinkles, caramel, hot fudge, or whatever your heart desires.

“This one couldn’t be easier to clean or store,” wrote another buyer. “Unlike those big makers at Cuisinart that require so much square footage in your freezer, this fits perfectly in my freezer door bin.”

What we hear from these rave reviews is that you can’t go wrong with $25 Mini Ice Cream Maker from Dash. You’ll never have to shout internally again for paying $10 for two scoops of substandard ice cream, and thank goodness.

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