Dowsure has reached a milestone of 1.5 billion RMB transactions

Dowsure, a cross-border digital API platform for e-commerce, has achieved that 1.5 billion yuan Transaction milestone, just over two months after 1 billion renminbi Milestone.

SHENZHEN, China, September 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The cross-border e-commerce market has developed rapidly in recent yearsbut cross-border e-commerce retailers have always had a major pain point — lack of capital. From the procurement of goods to logistics, transport and customs clearance to receipt of payment, payment flows are delayed by at least three months. For example, China’s B2C cross-border export market is estimated at 2 trillion, meaning 500 billion worth of capital is stuck in transit for three months. This will result in a large number of funds not being immediately available to traders. So Dowsure decided to solve these pain points. The company integrated the cross-border transaction chain through API technology capabilities and realized the cost-effective capital irrigation of banks to cover millions of cross-border merchants China with universal benefits.

1. Understand ToB cross-Border traders

Dowsure has been in the “cross-border” space since its inception. In 2016, Dowsure teamed up with its partners to develop the first product covering cross-border insurance business. After years of cross-border cultivation, Dowsure understands the needs and pain points of cross-border e-commerce merchants.

Based on seller demand for high credit limits and a full online application process, in June 2021, Dowsure authorized Pudong Development Bank to launch Cross-Border Business Loan product through Cross-Border Financial Cloud. The “520” benchmark for cross-border e-commerce financing products stands for “5 minutes application, 2 minutes approval, 0 seconds disbursement”. This product has benefited many cross-border e-commerce merchants.

Due to Dowsure’s reputation and prospects in the cross-border industry, Dowsure has now attracted a large number of outstanding talent to join, with leadership team members coming from IBM, Ping An Insurance and Bank of London ChinaAnt Group, Ernst & Young, DJI and other areas.

2. Precise positioning

Cross-border industry information is very fragmented, creating an information gap between countries.

Cross-border e-commerce platforms believe that localization is the key to supporting merchant development, and local banking institutions must form a relatively closed loop of information flow, capital flow, logistics, etc., so that they can better serve merchants. This is the area where Dowsure is professionalized by connecting digital information and finance, bridging them very strongly, connecting the cross-border industry and unlocking the digital value of each cross-border company through API technology capabilities.

3. Deep understanding of the industry

In this industry, Dowsure, through continuous in-depth research, recognizes that the industry lacks capital support not only for distributors but also for the entire supply chain, including service providers.

Based on this, Dowsure partners with financial institutions to cater to cross-border merchants Credit loans, installment payments, cash advances and other financing solutions. Dowsure also provides a full range of financing support from sourcing, logistics, promotion, sales and other cross-border scenarios to help dealers gain an advantage in the competitive market.

4. Trust from partners

Getting there through continuous development, trust and understanding of Dowsure’s partners, such as leading cross-border e-commerce marketplaces: Amazon, eBay and Shopee, as well as the top 10 banks in China and around the world. Dowsure is excited about the bright future for the cross-border e-commerce industry.

Huang KeCo-founder of Dowsure, said: “We’ve been doing the difficult but right thing all along. Our partner institutions have mature systems around the world, and it is very difficult to link their systems and data together in a compliant and efficient way through technical means. We value the trust of our partners and would like to penetrate all areas of cross-border ecology with our partners in order to work together with partners to grow.

(Future – digital finance along with cross-border e-commerce is the norm)

Unlike traditional finance, the amount of funds that can be raised depends primarily on collateral, guarantees, property, assets and liabilities. In the cross-border e-commerce scenarios, all assets circulate in digital form, such as B. the stocks of overseas warehouses, open funds from platforms and sales returns of goods.

Once the closed loop is formed, merchants can achieve viable digital assets and create value for those digital assets. At the same time, the technology iterates. What we want to do is unlock the value of sellers’ digital assets. The existence of digital finance is becoming a new norm that cross-border e-commerce cannot live without and a huge boost for the development of the industry.

Dowsure reaches milestone of 1.5 billion RMB transactions (PRNewsfoto/Dowsure)

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Virginia C. Taylor