Electric vehicle maker Arrival hires chief human resources officer from Gett

Commercial electric vehicle maker Arrival has appointed Mandeep Bajwa as Director of Human Resources to oversee human resources in the company’s distributed micro-factories.

Shared exclusively with UKTNBajwa joins Gett, a ground transportation management platform, where she served as Director of Human Resources.

Bajwa will join Arrival later this month. She has also worked for tech startups WeWork and CloudKitchens.

“I’ve been very fortunate in my career to work in a range of industries, including technology, transportation and real estate – all at different levels of growth,” Bajwa said. UKTN.

“The combination of different industries and the maturity of business models has given me a unique perspective on building and sustaining cultures for long-term growth.”

Founded in 2015 by Denis Sverdlov, Arrival is an electric vehicle manufacturer of vans, buses and cars.

It builds vehicles using localized micro-factories, a manufacturing process that uses cell-based robotic assembly instead of a traditional automotive production line.

These versatile plants can be quickly set up in warehouses to meet the demand of the region. Localized supply chain reduces environmental impact. Arrival claims its approach has “superior unit economics” compared to traditional production lines.

Arrival’s van and bus concepts recently received EU certification, and the van is set to start production later this year at its first micro-factory in Bicester, Oxfordshire.

The company is headquartered in London and has an R&D site in Banbury, Oxfordshire.

When asked how managing teams in dispersed micro-factories would differ, Bajwa replied:

“For me, what’s really important about managing a distributed workforce is focusing on people development, company values ​​and shared mission.

“Many of the companies I have worked with have had dispersed workforces, and even more so since the pandemic, so this is a challenge that many professionals in my region face.

“But there are an ever-growing number of tools to help communicate with our employees wherever they are.”

In 2020, delivery service UPS ordered 10,000 electric vans from the company and is working with ride-sharing app Uber on an electric car.

Virginia C. Taylor