Electric vehicle maker clarifies as rival Ather digs

The Ola Electric S1 and S1 Pro scooters have started to reach homes across India. And customers who were lucky enough to receive them in the first few weeks after delivery began had mixed reactions. While many have raved about features like Hyper Mode, among other strengths, several customers have also expressed concerns that Ola Electric scooters don’t deliver paper claims like range.

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Faced with several complaints and questions, Ola Electric decided to provide clarifications in which he expressed his disappointment with people raising the question of autonomy compared to the ARAI certified range. Varun Dubey, marketing director at Ola Electric, has suggested that the electric vehicle maker has faced unfair criticism about it.

When Ola launched the S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters in August of last year, one of the product’s USPs was its lineup. Ola said the S1 Pro has an ARAI certified range of 181 km. However, the real world range is reported as being less than the figure.

In an interview with news channels on Friday, Dubey said: “All vehicles must receive a local ARAI certification which always provides a figure higher than the actual mileage. This is standard practice in the industry. “

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Faced with the flak, Ola had previously specified that the true autonomy of the electric scooter is 135 km. However, he also said that true range can only be achieved if the scooter is used in conditions such as a single rider weighing less than 70kg in normal mode in urban conditions where the roads have no roads. tilt more than five percent and no surcharge. load on the vehicle.

During an interview, Dubey said, “ARAI is the law. We need to get this certification. We have posted this issue on our website. And we also shared with customers what the real line is that no other manufacturer actually offers on their website. “

The explanation did not help the criticism to calm down. Even on Friday, Tarun Mehta, CEO and co-founder of Ola rival Ather Energy, took a look at Ola’s true lineup. Mehta wrote on Twitter: “I just heard a rep from Ola say he’s the first OEM to talk about TrueRange (the line you will actually get in urban conditions) while Ather LITERALLY has the brand on this word.”

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