FlipBuilder’s Free Brochure Maker Easily Convert PDF to Flipbook

The new software can be used by various industries to create stunning publications including magazines, catalogs, flipbooks, brochures, newsletters, etc.

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Hong Kong, China – (Release the thread) – 04/01/2022 – FlipBuilder made flipbook design a fun and creative business for users. They don’t need design skills to produce compelling posts. All users need is their creativity and the many tools in this free brochure maker software to create flipbooks online.

“Users gain this tremendous benefit by using this free booklet maker software called Flip PDF Plus Pro, where they can edit their flipbooks until they are fully satisfied and satisfied with the final designed flipbook,” Ivan said. Leung, the Technical Director of FlipBuilder. Flip PDF Plus Pro contains a wealth of accessible templates for users to choose from. Users can also choose their own theme, background, scene and plugins for their flipbooks, while still having the option to personalize the flipbooks according to the image of their brand.

FlipBuilder’s free brochure maker software comes with Google Analytics functionality to track project performance. Just link the posts to Google Analytics to enable tracking, which is done automatically by the search engine. Google measures key metrics including pageviews, traffic, duration, bounce rates, and events for each post page. It then produces personalized reports to help users understand customer behavior and improve their marketing effectiveness.

Additionally, Flip PDF Plus Pro offers the voice assistant feature which adds a layer of engagement for presentations in meetings, books, etc. This free brochure maker is available for download for Win and Mac. Additionally, users can create their flipbooks on iPad, iPhone, Android devices, and desktop computer. And on top of that, the HTML5 output format makes the flipbook viewing experience a marvelous spectacle no matter what device you use.

To learn more about how PDF to flipbook conversion is done in a professional manner, please visit Flipbuilder.

About FlipBuilder
FlipBuilder provides a quick and easy way to convert PDF to flipbook. This amazing and advanced platform makes it easy for anyone to create stunning flipbooks of their choice. Users can post it to the web, email it, and even distribute it to phones and computers without paying anything.

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