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One alternative for building sites fast even with no web design experience is Google Sites, and recently the search giants revealed that it would be even more useful. The platform now includes custom themes, filled with a wide variety of fonts, colors, and styles, to make the pages look like the creators.

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Previously, Google Sites had a limited choice of themes, each with their own editable style, font, and color, but with few options available. What the Customizable Set does, in practice, is add a layer of customization to each theme, allowing the user to mix things up with each other or make entirely new designs.

Custom themes are already on the theme selection page (Image: Playback / Google)

With the news, users will have the freedom to set colors, font and style of texts, logos, navigation settings, stylized buttons and many other details. Custom themes don’t make Google Sites creations more complex, but they do make the platform more useful for those who don’t need much to showcase their own ideas or work on the web.

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Please note that everything that happens on Google Sites is associated with your Google Account, including cloud file storage. Therefore, everything that was used to set up the site (images, logos, videos, for example) takes up space in your account – the free ones have 00 GB free, shared between all Google services. Moreover, the hosting is also dependent on the company, so just configure the page and that’s it.

(Image: Igor Almenara / Canaltech)

According to Google, custom themes for Google sites started posting to all users on Thursday (16). As with every update, the change is sent gradually, so don’t be surprised if it still doesn’t show up for you.

Source: Google

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