How to check your in-game performance and more information online?

It’s common to have a well-defined ranking system in a competitive game like Rainbow Six Siege. This system plays a vital role in attracting players as it motivates them to aim higher and better.

Like all other titles, Ubisoft’s shooter also offers a direct view of the rankings. However, sometimes users feel like they don’t have much information about their skill group, which is where third-party ranked verifiers come in.

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Although there are many third party trackers for the shooter, only some can give quality output. This article will use TRN as an example of how users can access their classified database.

How to check Rainbow Six Siege ranking online?

Checking online ranking in Rainbow Six Siege is quite easy as users can access the Tracker Network to get all the information.

The steps to get Rainbow Six Siege stats from players or others in game are given below:

Step 1: Open the official TRN by typing “” on a web browser of your choice. This will open the home page of the stat tracking website, where users can find a Rainbow Six Siege tab on the top bar of the site.

2nd step: When the R6S statistics page loads, they are provided with a new environment to search for their profiles. To search for a profile, just click on the “Search profile” button at the top left.

Step 3: From there, players can enter their respective in-game usernames to search for their profiles in the TRN database. If the username is entered carefully, statistics of interest will be displayed instantly.

We’ve added ranks to each season and playlist! Check the “Seasons” tab on your profile. Look for the “TRN Rank” box. Enjoy!

This website provides players with all their information, including their rank history. They can even learn more about their most played Operators and K/D with these characters and figure out which playstyle suits them.

Moreover, the fact that the statistics of the page are frequently updated makes the data more reliable, which makes it possible to instantly give an overview of rankings and other data.

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