M4 reactor maker space reopens, showcasing innovative technology for community members

SALISBURY, Maryland – The one and only maker space in Delmarva, open to the public. A place where creative minds can collaborate, while using innovative technologies and tools. “Anyone who has an idea can come here and make it happen, ”said Jack Dalton, president of Mason Dixon Wood Workers. Jim Leethen. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Make Delmarva Foundation adds: “IIt has been great to see this group come, use the space, see what we have built become available and be used by the public.

M4 Reactor held a grand reopening on Saturday. We are told that once COVID ended their plans to open a fully operational space, according to space operators, it took them a bit of time to get back on their feet. However, the town of Salisbury received a grant, where the company could help make acrylic shields for businesses, so they can still earn money to buy until they can reopen. “Operating one here on the shore has been a challenge in terms of the fact that we are a non-profit organization, we are all volunteers and to maintain the space we rely on the support of the community, ”said the founder, Kevin Justice.

Now that they are able to show the community endless possibilities, we are told that there are four different stores, two of which are still under construction. There is currently a carpentry shop and a laser shop, and the operators say if you can think of it, you can do it. “Just the community of creators who came and their ideas inspired me to do new things and they inspire each other every day to create new things, ”says Leethen. Dalton adds: “Whatever your dream is, you come here and there is someone who can teach you how to do it, and there is a machine that can help you make that dream come true.

Dalton tells ABC 47 that he collaborates with the store and uses it to help his organization that makes children’s toys. “Iit’s nice to be an older woodworker to be able to bring young people in and see them gain this love of woodworking to build something in their life, ”says Dalton.

Now that they welcome community members we are told just like a gym you can get a membership. You receive training in how the machines work, then you are ready to craft almost anything from 3D toys to panels, helmets and more. “It’s also very rewarding to be able to do something for the community that no one else can do in a space like this, ”Justice says.

Dalton also adds that the maker space teaches you life lessons and worthwhile connections. “I still have the bowl I made for my mom in shopping class when I was in senior year, and I still have this bowl. So it’s nice to be able to pass that on to another generation, ”says Dalton.

We are also told that you can only be 14 and over to become a member.

If you want more information about the maker space and the classes and tools they have to offer, simply go to their website.

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