Media Fact Checker Newsguard boosts Shore News Network ratings

Newsguard, one of the industry leaders in media fact-checking, raised Shore News Network’s “nutrition fact-checking label” by 12.5 points in its rating from 1 to 100.

Newsguard is led by co-CEOs Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz, who the About the Company page says are seasoned journalists and information entrepreneurs. Brill founded The American Lawyer, Court TV and Yale Journalism Initiative. Crovitz was editor of the Wall Street Journal and columnist for the newspaper. Newsguard was founded in 2018 and is quickly becoming a leader in the emerging media fact-checking industry.

Since its initial rating of 75/100 in 2020, Shore News Network has worked hard to improve in areas criticized by Newsguard. This week, Newsguard rated Shore News Network 87.5 / 100.

By comparison, Fox News is rated 69.5 / 100, CNN 80/100, and MSNBC 70/100.

The company has been instrumental in combating the rise of disinformation in the news media and on social media platforms.

“While many of our readers refer to Shore News Network as ‘conservative media’, we do strive to ensure that all of our stories are based on fact and not on emotion or partisan influence,” said the owner and editor. Chief Phil Stilton. “When we launched Shore News Network, our mission was to create a truly fair and balanced news network that empowers both sides of the political aisle while upholding the core values ​​of what made America great. since its creation in 1776. “

Stilton says that while Shore News Network is a little fish playing in a big pond, it has achieved its success through partnerships with national players. In September, Shore News Network licensed content through the Daily Caller News Foundation, originally founded by Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

“Our content licensing agreement with the Daily Caller News Foundation has allowed us to cover topics at a level of quality that was almost impossible to us before,” added Stilton. “This relationship was well received by our readers who may not have known or followed DCNF prior to our licensing agreement.”

This month, Shore News Network will enter into a one-year content license agreement with Reuters for Quality US News.

“We went back and forth with all the major news services and chose Reuters because it is the fairest and most balanced news service that does not push any political agenda or ideology,” Stilton added. . “We look forward to expanding our content library with top quality journalism. “

In an age of media misinformation and excessive fact-checking by social media networks Facebook and Twitter, Shore News Network avoids the temptation to go too deep into the weeds on topics such as COVID-19, vaccinations and partisan political issues.

“We are proof that you can be somewhat aligned with a core value, but not in the pool of those seeking to militarize and politicize that core value,” Stilton, a US Marine Corps veteran with over 25 years of experience in the digital and print media industry. “We are not here to advance an agenda. We are here to succeed as a news media company where others have failed and are in decline. We achieve this by staying true to our core values, but delivering the message fairly, truthfully, brutally honest and straightforward. We’re not here to make friends in high places like many of our competitors.

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