Microsoft is trying to make the world wiser with Word’s ‘inclusivity’ checker

Tech giant Microsoft is trying to make the world wiser by rolling out an “inclusivity” checker in its Word software.

In addition to the usual spell check, its word processing program now highlights phrases that might offend someone based on their gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity or even their “socio-economic status”.

Microsoft is trying to make the world woke by rolling out an ‘inclusivity’ checker in its Word software – and ‘Mrs Thatcher’ will be replaced by ‘Mrs Thatcher’
Microsoft suggests Barry Manilow’s Copacabana lyrics will refer to Lola as a “dancer”, “performer” or “performer” rather than a “showgirl”

He suggests “more inclusive” alternatives – with hilariously confusing results.

Users who write “Mrs. Thatcher” are warned that “it may imply gender bias” and are asked to replace it with “Mrs. Thatcher”, which is supposedly less offensive.

And the sentence that astronaut Neil Armstrong uttered when he became the first person on the moon is not considered acceptable.

Rather than “one giant leap for humanity”, it should have said “humanity” or “humanity”.

In the lyrics to Barry Manilow’s favorite party, Copacabana, Microsoft suggests that Lola be referred to as a “dancer”, “performer” or “performer” rather than a “showgirl”.

Postman Pat is not gender-neutral, so the system suggests calling him “postman” or “postman”.

He also suggests replacing “housekeeper” – used for centuries to describe housekeepers – with “housekeeper”.

Others to change include “director” (Word suggests “main”), “mistress” (“lover”), “master” (“expert”), “manpower” (“manpower”), and “heroine” (“hero “).

Microsoft included this feature in its latest version of Office 365, a subscription service used by 250 million people worldwide, including students, office workers, academics and writers.

When enabled, spelling errors are underlined in red, grammar errors in blue, and “inclusivity” issues in purple.

Some Twitter users, which is popular with the woke crowd, hailed the checker as a great invention.

Digital strategist John Bull told his followers, “Your spell checker will now help you begin to overcome your subconscious biases.

“It’s a brilliant feature. I wish they would make more noise about it.

The checker can be turned on and off in a menu called “Grammar and Refinements”, which lists everything it checks for: Age Bias, Cultural Bias, Ethnic Slurs, Gender Bias, Neutral Pronouns, Gender Specific Language, Racial prejudice, sexual orientation bias and socio-economic bias.

Last year, billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates donated $1 million to an organization called Equitable Math which aimed to “dismantle racism in math.”

He was mocked for a statement on the group’s website which read: ‘White supremacist culture shows up in math lessons when the focus is on getting the ‘right’ answer.

“Maintaining the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuates objectivity as well as the fear of open conflict.

Microsoft was also ridiculed in November over a video presentation showing senior executives introducing themselves by citing their race and gender pronouns.

Marketing manager Nic Fillingham was filmed saying, “I’m a Caucasian male with glasses and a beard. I pass by him/her.

Microsoft was asked to comment.

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Neil Armstrong’s famous words after his moon landing will be changed to use the term ‘mankind’ or ‘mankind’ rather than ‘mankind’

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