New Hawaii Flight Price Checker Includes Southwest


A useful new tool that we started using for Hawaii flights is now available, and we love it. The reason is that it has long been impossible to see all Hawaii flight prices in one place. Previously, we used Google Flights (our preference) to see all airlines other than Southwest. This is because Southwest has not authorized Google or Expedia to display their rates or authorize the booking. This made comparing prices more tedious since you had to go directly to the Southwest website to include their rates.

Now there’s this new tool, which is for all searches including Hawaii, but it didn’t seem to work when we tried it before. Sad. But now, from today, it worked for us, and I hope it works for you.

Check out the Google Chrome Wanderlog extension.

Once installed, it pulls Southwest fares in every search you make using Google Flights, Expedia, etc. You can see the south west flights without the extension, but instead of a price it will say “price unavailable”.

We couldn’t find the app in the Chrome Store when we searched for it earlier, but here it is on their website.

The app developer said, “We love using Southwest. We believe this is one of the friendliest airlines for consumers today. That’s really what people are already doing. Data simply passes between Southwest and your browser, as if you were browsing. It’s really technically no different.

Could Southwest determine that this app is interfering with its business and decide to take legal action against it? Of course it is possible, but we hope not.

Let us know how Wanderlog works for you.

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Virginia C. Taylor