Nintendo Switch OLED stock checker: where to buy a console before Black Friday

If you’ve been wondering where to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED, you’ve come to the right place as T3 tracks Nintendo Switch OLED restockings in the US and UK.

After the Nintendo Switch OLED launched on October 8, the initial stock ran out incredibly quickly and now, with the Black Friday Deals Super Sale approaching, many gamers are wondering when and where to expect. what the next installment of consoles drops.

The good news is that more consoles are expected in the coming weeks. The bad news is that, at the moment, there is hardly any information on the date. This means that gamers who are serious about finding Nintendo Switch OLED stock should play the percentages and check in at the destinations where they’re most likely to find consoles.

And that’s what this guide is designed for: to help gamers navigate to the stores where they can hopefully find where to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED. Our quotations team is constantly updating this part and we are listing where it is located and is not in stock.

Nintendo Switch OLED stock in US

The Nintendo Switch OLED restocking situation in the US has been a bit smoother than in the UK, but there has always been a depressing lack of consoles available since launch. Here we’ve highlighted the retailers who are used to getting slices of consoles marked in terms of numbers, with tens of thousands of consoles available in most drops. We recommend that people check with these retailers on a daily basis if possible, as many do not communicate the drops until they go live.

Where to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED [USA]

Nintendo Switch OLED stock in UK

If you are buying Nintendo Switch OLED stock in the UK, these are the retailers you really need to focus on. Yes, small retailers are screaming for consoles and all the power at their knees. However, if you are a gamer and play the dropping off percentages of a console before Black Friday or Christmas 2021, then you need retailers with proper stock. Tens of thousands of consoles that give you a chance to beat one, not one in a million moonshine. It is these retailers.

Where to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED [UK]

Even more stock Nintendo Switch OLED

If you still haven’t been able to buy the Nintendo Switch OLED, be sure to also check out the prices pulled from the retailers and sellers below. However, there’s a good chance these consoles won’t sell for the suggested retail price, so be warned that a price premium will come with any purchase. If it’s spending a little extra on securing a merry Christmas, or sitting empty-handed, then this might be a price you’re willing to pay.

Nintendo Switch OLED restocking: T3’s best tips for grabbing a console

Make sure you have created an account with each of the retailers listed above. And that means you have your address and payment details included and up to date. Where possible, we recommend that you have various configuration of payment methods, as this mitigates risk when it comes to ringing a system. If card payments fail, for example switch to PayPal.

Also, at retailers where you can list your wishes or add an OLED Switch to a shopping list, do so. We’ve had several reports from gamers who’ve landed an OLED Switch that it helps keep a console in your cart when stock drops and at checkout. It also saves valuable time finding and adding the product, which can be the difference between getting one and not.

Finally, make sure you are aware of a retailer’s bot protection systems. Some of these have mechanics like holding down a buy button for a few seconds, so make sure you don’t get caught up in little details like this when you check out.

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