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NS&I Premium Bonds offer savers the chance to win extra cash, tax-free, each month through randomly generated raffles. Last month, NS&I raised its bounty rate by 2.2%, meaning nearly double the number of savers have a chance of winning and the lucky November bondholders have now been determined.

The draw takes place at the start of each month and yesterday morning’s November draw will see a total of 4,976,066 prizes worth £218,946,775 paid out.

The prizes are divided into three value brackets – upper, middle and lower – and each bracket receives a percentage share of the monthly prize fund.

Prizes in the upper bracket range from £1million (only two of these can be won) to £5,000, while the middle and lower brackets give people the chance to win between £1,000 and £500 , and £100 and £25, respectively.

The lucky million-pound Bond winners have been announced to be from Hertfordshire and Essex.

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The first winning bond number drawn was 460WE462342 for the winner from Hertfordshire, who holds £15,000 of premium bonds and bought the winning bond in June 2021. The win makes them the fifteenth jackpot winner of Hertfordshire.

The second winning bond number drawn was 245PK699534 for the Essex winner, who holds £25,253 in premium bonds and bought his winning bond in May 2015. They are Essex’s twentieth premium bond millionaire .

On the news, Jill Waters, NS&I’s retail director, said: ‘I am delighted for our two new premium bond millionaires from Hertfordshire and Essex – we want to congratulate them on what I am sure, was a very unexpected windfall.

“Premium bonds are a fun way to start saving; customers have the chance to win one of our more than 4.9 million prizes.

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“Their wins could be life changing, as we saw with our two winners in Hertfordshire and Essex. Across the country, people can start their journey to premium bonds with an initial investment of just £25. »

However, many other winners – 661 – will also have learned that they have won a mixture of valuable prizes, and there are several ways to check.

NS&I Premium Bond Price Checker

Premium Bond holders can check if they’ve won a prize in the raffle using the official NS&I Prize Checker or their Alexa-enabled device starting Wednesday, November 2.

While for many it is common practice to check NS&I price results monthly, there are still millions in bond gains – worth around £74million – that remain unclaimed.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, including if NS&I does not have a person’s current contact details, or if they bought bonds as a child but have since forgotten about them.

NS&I says the best way to ensure prizes are claimed is for savers to choose to have them paid directly into their bank account or have them automatically reinvested in more premium bonds. Investors can find out how to do this here.

Virginia C. Taylor