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online loans

This experience made him open his eyes to the fintech sector. “I always wanted to start developing a company from scratch. Fine Bank was exactly the opportunity I was looking for so I had no doubts: I left my stability and I am confident in the potential of Brazil ”, said Wilder.

Fine Bank ‘s goal was to offer the user a transparent, fast and secure loan search site, where it was possible to compare interest rates of up to 10 banks and finance companies without leaving home. In March 2016, the startup launched a product that made it possible to compare vehicle financing and, three months later, offered the option to search and compare refinancing.

In the second half of last year, Fine Bank also started to offer the search and comparison of personal credit – the most sought after on the company’s website, according to the company’s marketing and social networks coordinator, Ariella  Marima . Currently, fintech also allows the comparison of loans with collateralized property.


The solution to the problem

online loans

The biggest inefficiency that fintech proposes to solve is precisely the difficulty of comparing loans in different banking institutions. “In the past, in order to be able to compare loan options, the customer would need to visit several banks, creating stress in queues and spending time, and yet, the customer could leave without all the necessary information to make the decision,” explains Marima .

With Fine Bank , the search and comparison of financing and loans is done online and in a few clicks. The user can compare all rates and terms offered by banks and finance companies and hire the option that best suits their needs.

The main differential of Fine Bank, according to the company’s marketing coordinator, is precisely the facility offered to consumers looking for a loan or financing at the best rates in the market. “It is possible to compare up to 10 loan options for free without wasting time in lines or leaving the house,” he explains. After requesting the online order, Fine Bank takes care of the bureaucracy and negotiates the loan with the banks.


The current scenario

online loans

On the air since last year, the Fine Bank website receives more than 100,000 monthly visits, according to Marima , and receives more than 30,000 credit applications every month.

The biggest obstacle faced by fintech so far, according to the company’s marketing coordinator, is precisely the scenario of bureaucratic processes characteristic of the financial environment – especially with regard to borrowing and financing.

“Our greatest difficulty is to fight against bureaucracy and transform physical processes into online paths, maintaining the security and agility that all customers seek”, he ponders.


Projections for the future

online loans

Despite the difficulties expected by every startup operating in the financial sector, Fine Bank ‘s projections for the future are quite positive. According to the marketing coordinator at fintech, 2018 should be a promising year for the company.

“The fintech market is quite heated and, in 2018, Fine Bank intends to surpass the mark of half a million credit applications”, he concludes.

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