Pokemon Go Maker Launches AR Virtual Pet Game

Peridot is a new AR virtual pet game from the studio behind Pokemon Go.


Pokemon Go maker Niantic has announced a new creature-collecting augmented reality game called Peridot.

Billed as a “real-world pet adventure game where you care for adorable one-of-a-kind creatures”, Peridot will let you collect the eponymous magical creatures and raise them to maturity as you explore the world together . The ultimate goal of the game is to “re-diversify their species to protect them from extinction”.

Just like virtual pets, you will be able to feed and play with your peridots, as well as take them on adventures. As you wander through the real world, you’ll get items and other in-game treasures that will help you level up your digital companions. You will also be able to raise peridots and discover new species.

Peridot is slated for a “soft launch” on Google Play and the App Store in select regions this month. You can pre-register on the official Peridot website to learn more about the game and be notified when it launches in your region.

Virginia C. Taylor