Premium Bond Checker January 2022: How to check old bonds?

The National Savings and Investment (NS&I) offers premium bond holders the chance to win tax-free prizes worth between £ 25 million and £ 1million through a monthly raffle.

Although the odds of winning by getting a 1 pound bond are not high, many people have decided to get bonds as an entertaining form of investing.

There are those who regularly check each month to see if they have won a prize, while others have not claimed any winnings either because they have not informed NS&I of their new address, or have changed their details. personal or have even forgotten their investment.

How to check old bonds?

Bondholders should remember that prizes do not expire, which means you can just check your history to see if you’ve won in the past.

If it’s been a while since you’ve verified, just make sure you’ve updated your current address and corrected your account details.

To view your obligation history, you can go to the NS&I login page: and log in using your NS&I number, your name and password.

Another way to check your obligations is to download the price checker app and log in using your cardholder’s number. If you can’t remember your number you can call NS&I on 08085 007 007 (UK) or +44 1253 832007 (outside UK) and ask for help.

For those of you who prefer to apply by mail, you can write to NS&I and ask them to provide you with the price history of your bonds.

Remember to add your name, address, NS&I number or Premium Bondholder number to the letter and send it to NS&I, Glasgow, G58 1SB.

Virginia C. Taylor