PS5 UK stock – live: today’s restock checker from Amazon, Smyths, EE and more

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With only a few days left in the month, who else could restock the console?

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UPDATE: The PS5 is now in stock at EE and the BT Shop for BT Broadband customers, after selling to Amazon and Asda (again). Read on for more information.

It’s been almost a year and a half since the PS5 was first launched, but we’re all still here, struggling to find a console thanks to the global semiconductor shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

April was one of the best months for restocks since the start of 2022. We’ve seen PS5 consoles available on PlayStation Direct, ShopTo, Currys, Argos, AO, Game, Smyths Toys, Very and many other independent retailers for to start up. Hopefully the momentum continues as we accelerate towards the end of the month and into May.

Our live blog is here to bring you one of Sony’s elusive next-gen consoles, as well as provide details on the best games and accessories to grab with your new machine, plus the latest game reviews. If you want to know which online retailers will be restocking first, keep scrolling to get updates as they come.

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Check PS5 UK retailer stock below:


Dying Light 2 review

February has been a particularly busy month for game releases with the upcoming Forbidden Horizon West and Ring Elden, now is the perfect time to get your hands on a PS5.

Dying Light 2 (£54.99, was another great release released earlier this month that combines parkour with the survival-horror genre.

In our review, we said: “Dying Light 2 is at its best when it has the freedom to explore its surroundings.

“Running through, around, and over the townspeople is the kind of gameplay that would take players back after the first credits, but when that freedom of movement is taken away, those cracks start to appear. Although occasionally bogged down by technical problems and workarounds, Dying Light 2 makes confident attempts to bring a tired genre to life.

Alistair CharltonApril 27, 2022 2:00 p.m.


Playstation Store Spring Sale Ends Today

Every spring, a new sale promises the best deals on hundreds of items on Sony’s game store, not only on expansions and other downloadable content, but also on “deluxe” editions of AAA titles.

The sale started on March 30 and ends today, April 27. There are huge savings on popular titles such as Ghosts of Tsushima: Director’s Cut and the 2021 Game of the Year Winner It takes two.

Alistair CharltonApril 27, 2022 1:30 p.m.


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Alistair CharltonApril 27, 2022 1:00 p.m.


Can you buy a PS5 on the high street?

Yes and no. Some stores occasionally have PS5 stock available for walk-in customers, but there have been very few consoles available so far this year. Your best options are Game and Smythes. The former has a Twitter account for each of its stores, used to tweet about when PS5 (and Xbox Series X) stock will be available. For your best chance of spotting a console at your local store, use this twitter list to see all tweets from all Game stores across the UK.

As for Smyths Toysthe retailer has a tool on its website to check stock across all of its stores, we occasionally see the odd console popping up here, but as of now there’s no PS5 stock anywhere in the UK.

Alistair CharltonApril 27, 2022 12:30 p.m.


Can you play PS4 games on PS5?

Yes you can. Almost any PS4 game you own is playable on the PS5. You’ll be able to download any games you’ve purchased through the PlayStation Store onto your PS4 and play them on the next-gen console.

If you have the PS5 Disc Edition, you will also be able to insert your PS4 discs there and play them that way as well. Obviously, since there’s no physical disc slot on the digital console edition, you won’t be able to play any PS4 discs you own. We’ve compiled a list of our favorites together PS4 Gamesand most of them have come down in price since the PS5 was released.

Alistair CharltonApril 27, 2022 12:00


Does Currys have regular PS5 restocks?

Currys has had a few PS5 restocks in recent months. We saw no less than eight new batches of consoles available on the retailer’s website in December, but things have slowed since the start of 2022. In fact, there’s only been one PS5 restock per month. at Currys since January.

That said, the most recent restock lasted for an entire week, from April 12 to April 18, with many consoles available to players. We can’t say for sure when the next shipment of the console will arrive, but hopefully a May restock will last for several days as well.

Alistair CharltonApril 27, 2022 11:40 a.m.


How much should the PS5 cost?

With online marketplaces, and even some reputable retailers, charging above the odds for in-demand PS5 consoles, it’s worth remembering that there are recommended retail prices for both versions – and you shouldn’t expect that. to pay more for your console.

Sony makes two versions of the PlayStation 5. The PS5 Digital Edition is priced at £349.99, while the standard PS5, which includes a disc drive, costs £449.99. The latter is the same as the Xbox Series X, while the less powerful Xbox Series S (which also doesn’t have a disc drive) undercuts the digital PS5, at £249.

But many retailers, including Game, Very, Argos, ShopTo and ace studio, like to sell their PS5 stock in bundles. This often means spending more but getting extras like a second controller, game selection, and other accessories. Bundles tend to be easier to get, but you’ll end up spending more money than buying the console alone.

Alistair CharltonApril 27, 2022 11:20 a.m.


These console packs are currently available from BT

The BT store still has a good amount of PS5 stock, and only the console alone is currently listed as sold out. Here are the packages currently available:

  • PS5 Disc Edition and additional controller: £508.98
  • PS5 Disc Edition and Pulse 3D Headset: £529.99
  • PS5 Disc Edition, plus extra controller and charger: £533.98
  • PS5 Disc Edition, plus extra controller and PS Plus: £558.97
  • PS5 Disc Edition, plus additional controller and headset: £598.95

Alistair CharltonApril 27, 2022 11:15 a.m.


F1 2022 PS5 release date

If you have your PS5 and are now thinking about some upcoming games, you will be happy to hear that a release date for the next installment in the official press release F1 22 the video game series was confirmed on EA’s website with a new trailer indicating that it will be released this summer.

According to the head of EA F1 22 website, a release date of July 1, 2022 has been confirmed. If you want to know more about what’s new in the game, read our article below:

Alistair CharltonApril 27, 2022 11:00 a.m.


How big is the PS5?

A question not as strange as you might think, because the PS5 is massive. It’s often an easy joke to say how big the next generation of games consoles are, since the arrival of the big original Xbox, followed by the even bigger PS4.

But, while the Xbox series X is also rather bulky, the PS5 is least likely to fit under your TV. The Digital Edition is slightly slimmer, as it doesn’t have a disc drive, but both consoles stand equally tall when standing.

They are 390mm tall and 260mm deep, while the disc edition is 104mm thick and the digital edition is 92mm. Both consoles are meant to be free standing, but also come with a plastic stand to help them rest on their side – probably the only way most buyers can get the console under their TV.

Alistair CharltonApril 27, 2022 10:40 a.m.

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