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Metro Vancouver has launched a new Merry Memory Maker app / website with over 200 low waste gift ideas at a variety of price points.

Just click on a dollar range and choose “Experiences” or “Things” to “Celebrate with Less Waste” this month, on

Spending quality time with loved ones, giving gift experiences, and supporting local stores that deliver high-quality, lasting gifts are “thoughtful, waste-free ways to show others that you care in these times of year. Holidays, ”urges Metro Vancouver.

The “top tips for the 2021 holiday season” include helping those in need (“donating to charity on someone’s behalf or sponsoring a family”), giving experiences as a gift (“Pass for an escape room or tickets to a theater community”), provide lasting gifts (“baking sheets, cast iron pans, high quality knife set”) and reduce your packaging (try “to wrap a present for a traveler in an old card or a present for a friend who knows the news in an old newspaper ”).

The ceiling price for the Merry Memory Maker app is $ 250, which lists “experiences” with housekeeping, dating, photography classes, dining out, concert tickets, spa treatments and Moreover. For “things” in this price range, the listing includes sunglasses, artwork, jewelry box, snow tires, antiques, gift cards, luggage set, membership to an online journal, a tent and other ideas.

Focusing on creating treasured memories with friends and family and supporting local businesses can help our region reduce unnecessary waste, said Jack Froese, chair of Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Committee.

“Most people would rather create lasting memories with loved ones by doing fun activities together rather than being stuck with unwanted gifts, boxes, wrapping paper and soft plastics that will end up in the waste stream. Nothing is better than time spent together, which is why giving lasting, high-quality experiences or a gift from a local supplier are fantastic holiday gift ideas.

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