Rimac Nevera caught in a dirty car before meeting his creator

This month, Mate Rimac (pronounced MAH-tay REE-mahts) took over the management of Bugatti Rimac, the shareholders being Rimac (55%) and Porsche (45%). Let’s take a moment to think about this sentence. We have Bugatti, perhaps the ultimate in original equipment, mass production speed, power and luxury; Rimac, manufacturer of an astonishing electric hypercar equipped with essential EV technology; and Porsche, one of the world’s legendary sports car makers, collaborating on the future product. There is no better place to put this cliché: What a weather to be alive.

In any event, Rimac builds a new head office to Sveta Nedelja, near Zagreb, Croatia, at the same time as he prepares the Nevera for global sales. The company has 16 pre-production prototypes built to 95% of production specifications, used for activities such as track and road testing, investor and customer visits, and media outings. Each of them will end their lives hitting a wall at high speed, sometimes repeatedly after being rebuilt, until they are dead. So Mate decided to take one of these prototypes for a walk on the dirt roads around the headquarters building site for our enjoyment, before the car was painted in a matte light blue tint for a fatal barrier encounter. offset and a 30 degree frontal impact. testing. And it worked. We enjoyed it immensely. Then he washed the car in a self-service car wash, because that’s exactly the kind of guy he is.

As for the $ 226 million carbon neutral headquarters, it will be completed in 2023. The company says the site will house one of the largest R&D and production facilities in Europe for all sectors, and will increase the workforce. combined Bugatti and Rimac with 435 employees. of about 2,500 head. There will be a “command center”, virtual reality rooms, a customization studio for buyers, a museum and a bar. There will also be a test track between buildings, which we assume is the kind of thing you can have when making EV hypercars.

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Virginia C. Taylor