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We all know that sitting in front of a computer can be so sedentary and while we think about the size of our waist, we might not think so much about whether we are sitting upright and comfortably. CZUR has the answer with a nifty gadget that securely watches over you and lets you know if you’re lazy.

I know from my own experiences of working at home under lockdown that I have slouched, bent over and sit in all kinds of awkward, ergonomically ill-advised ways. Part of it comes from laziness. Part of it is because I move around the house and sometimes work from my desk, sometimes from the living room, sometimes outside. Part of that comes from boredom and difficulty staying engaged in endless Microsoft Teams meetings, during which working from home turned out to be more face-to-face time than ever before.

CZUR is a Shenzhen, China-based global technology company focused on building smart office devices to improve work efficiency in both commercial and home offices. CZUR is committed to using the latest technology in scanning and archiving and has already run four successful crowdfunding campaigns for smart book scanners, raising over $ 6.5 million from 27,000 backers of the whole world.

Their latest product is the CZUR mirror, an AI intelligent posture corrector that is available for US $ 69 through Indiegogo. It’s a nice little unit that sits on your desk and keeps a close eye on how you sit. As soon as your head falls for slouching, bending over, or for any other bad thing you might do, a beep will either remind you to sit down or verbally ask you to do so, depending on your preference.

The device uses CZUR’s AI chip to observe your posture via a small camera and to determine whether you are sitting upright or not. All processing is on the device; it does not connect to the Internet. You can start using it right away, but you can also use a free add-on app to customize options like your preferred notification modes and method, set reminders, and generate a sitting report.

There’s nothing to wear, and beyond making sure the device is loaded and sitting on your desk in front of you, there’s no more complexity or setup. It is designed to discreetly train you to sit properly by responding to its subtle chimes.

The CZUR mirror can help you develop good sitting habits without even realizing it. Or, it can inspire you to do other things. In my case, I noticed during video calls that I was always bent over, facing my laptop. With a CZUR Mirror trial, I became aware of how often I was doing this and set up a USB docking station so that I could work with external devices like a monitor, keyboard, and mouse when I was at home. my desk. Then, because I wasn’t using the laptop’s keyboard or trackpad, I placed it higher so that it was closer to eye level.

From a health standpoint, that was a good thing – and if I had been in a pre-pandemic office environment, there is no doubt that the occupational health and safety officer would have me by now. reprimand. CZUR effectively replaced the security guard with a digital equivalent, gently and subtly teaching me how to improve my methods.

Take a look there ; As simple as it sounds, it could be the device that keeps you fit and healthy when you spend long time at the keyboard. It’s so small that you can carry it in your laptop bag or pocket and take it with you too.

See it in action here:


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