SlumberPod, manufacturer of blackout sleep capsules for young children, has issued a US patent. Invented by the mother-daughter duo

Co-founders of SlumberPod and mother-daughter team, Lou childs and Katy mallory, invented the product after a few nights of wasted sleep on a family visit, where Mallory and her husband shared a room with their young daughter. Their daughter slept well at home in a dark room, but had difficulty seeing her parents a few feet away in the same room. Childs and Mallory worked together to find a solution, brought the product to market, and eventually appeared on Shark Tank.

“What an exciting moment in the history of our company! “ Mallory said. “The SlumberPod has been a game changer for many families. We worked to solve our own problem and ended up creating a solution to help people share a room with young children when traveling or at home. “

Childs added, “I’m incredibly proud of our entire team at SlumberPod. What started as a side business after I was fired from my job has turned into a dream come true. The SlumberPod community has made it happen. been so favorable, and we are looking forward to bringing more solutions to the market in the future. “

Founded in 2016, SlumberPod has helped over 125,000 families travel and / or share a room with less stress and more rest. They appeared on Shark Tank Season 11 and received a deal to Barbara corcoran. Their new patent status helps protect the integrity of their design and the premium safety features of their product. The brand has built a cult following with thousands of 5 star reviews, and they have been chosen for several design and innovation awards, including a Mom’s Choice Award.®.

About SlumberPod

SlumberPod is a patented quick-fit privacy capsule that is almost black on the inside and helps babies / toddlers get a good night’s sleep – especially important when traveling and sharing a bedroom with others (eg. example, a hotel room), and allows families to continue enjoying their vacation after the little one has fallen asleep. Compatible with standard playpens, mini cribs, and select toddler beds / inflatable mattresses, SlumberPod provides families with years of use.

SlumberPod is a Georgia-brand of childcare products created by a mother-daughter team. They believe that traveling with young children can be less stressful and more relaxing with the right equipment and the right attitude. SlumberPod is sold from their website and select retailers in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and several Asian countries. To learn more about SlumberPod and the story of their inventors, visit

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