The failure of the fact-checker: 2000 mules against the media

In a familiar pattern, left-wing fact-checkers are furiously trying to hide the damning evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 election featured in Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary 2000 slippers. But these “fake controllers” clearly didn’t watch the movie. To see, for example, Ali Swenson, Associated Press, reprinted at US News and World Report or in Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

First of all, it should be noted that 2000 slippers is not a western. It refers to the term developed decades ago of “drug mules” who transport illegal drugs for criminal cartels such as smuggling drugs across the border.

With 2000 slippers leftists desperate to hide voter fraud clearly only watched the free trailer for the movie and didn’t ask for the $20 to $29 to see the full movie. The film can be purchased on the Salem Radio Network from Dinesh D’Souza on “Locals” on or from the main website.

After mainstream journalists were discredited as left-wing biased propagandists, a new fad emerged very suddenly: fact-checkers. Now the same reporters we stopped believing in normal news are suddenly credible because they call themselves “fact checkers”.

But if there’s anything a fact checker would likely do, it’s actually carefully read and analyze a claim and compare it point by point to determine its veracity. (Typically, fact checkers specialize in being distracted by a minor detail. For example, a news story might report that Senator Nogood crashed into a green van full of nuns while driving drunk. The fact checker would then spend pages discussing how there is “no evidence” that the van was colored green. The van could have been blue. So evaluation: False.)

True The Vote did what the government failed to do. They bought through commercial brokers the “geolocation” or cellphone “geolocation” data of specific cities in particular states where the election was decided. They then analyzed GPS data to show paid “mules” who visited leftist nonprofits, then went to many different ballot boxes on the same day – then did it all again the next day, day after day, during weeks. .

Although the “harvesting” of ballots is illegal in the sample states, one is permitted to hand over the ballots of one’s family members or of a voter for whom they are officially designated as caregivers. Otherwise, it is a crime to deposit someone else’s ballots in a voter drop box.

But under no circumstances would it be done legally or legitimately over and over again, day after day, for weeks or months. The fake controllers discuss the data as if these mules only made one trip, one day, to a single drop box location. They haven’t watched the movie.

The film explains that the analysis filtered out people who walked past drop boxes or whose routines did not match a voter fraud hypothesis. Only those who drove directly to a drop box carrying their cell phone were included.

The analysis took into account the “lifestyle” routines of mobile phone users. Those who go to work or shop near a drop box would be excluded, unlike those who only spent a few minutes at the drop box and then immediately turned around and walked to the location of the next drop box. A person parked for a long time for an appointment or errands would be excluded.

(Fact-checkers also ignore the fact that — in my rough estimate — perhaps about 10% of those mules active during election season were also in the midst of violent ANTIFA rioting throughout 2000.)

The documentary carefully explains how they filtered out the possibility of anyone casting ballots for their family. Only mules that visited 10 or more urns were included in the analysis. For example, a “mule” visited drop boxes in six different counties.

Ballots are different for different counties, congressional districts, and state legislative districts. So no one casting legitimate ballots would go to drop boxes in six different counties. Someone dropping off Grandma’s ballot wouldn’t visit ten to a hundred different drop boxes — and do it again the next day and the next day and the next.

Fact checkers tell us geolocation isn’t that accurate. Curiously, the FBI is prosecuting peaceful, non-violent protesters starting January 6, 2021, based on that same “imprecise” geolocation data allegedly showing people inside the US Capitol. Whoops. Nevermind. Thus, the geolocation of mobile phones is very precise, except when it is not. Depends on current needs.

But that doesn’t really matter, because True the Vote has set such a high bar that the data can’t be ignored. Only mules that visited election-related left-wing nonprofit offices and then went directly to voter drop boxes were included.

The film repeatedly explains how they obtained more than four million minutes of official government surveillance video viewing the ballot boxes (rolled out in a confusing fashion due to COVID-19). The trailer only shows a few snippets over four million minutes. Even documentary barely scratches the surface of this ocean of data.

Yet fact-checkers “analyze” surveillance videos as if the few examples presented were the only surveillance videos. That is, they reject the examples shown only in the movie trailer. If they had actually watched the documentary, they would have known that the same mules appear over and over again in various surveillance videos in different drop boxes all over town. Not once, like in the movie trailer.

The four million minutes of video show mules stuffing dozens of ballots into ballot boxes, not two or three. Often, we see ballots falling all over the sidewalk. Government surveillance video sometimes shows twenty or thirty ballots at a time stuffed into already full ballot boxes.

Surveillance videos repeatedly show mules taking pictures of themselves putting ballots into drop boxes or just pictures of the drop box itself. The only reason to take pictures of the drop boxes is for the mules to be paid and show proof that they delivered the illicit ballots.

Oh, and don’t forget that this often happens between 1am and 4am.

Surveillance videos show mules wearing surgical gloves as they stuff illicit ballot papers into ballot boxes. Then they pull off the surgical gloves and throw them in nearby trash cans – all caught on government surveillance footage. The film explains that it began the day after ballot harvesters were arrested in one state based on fingerprints on ballots. In one instance, a woman never looks at the trash can until she takes off her gloves, indicating that she’s done it in the same place before.

Finally, True the Vote focused only on specific cities or areas of battleground states that decided the 2020 presidential election. Fact checkers are again irrelevant. D’Souza’s excellent documentary is a call for honest law enforcement (if any are left) to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the entire country. There is one indisputable conclusion: it must be carefully studied in its entirety.


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