The whole “Checker Vandy” thing got serious

There are few things more enjoyable as a Tennessee fan than making fun of Vanderbilt. Nashville elitists think they’re very special when in fact they’re pretty bad at anything non-academic.

Over the past year, Tennessee has beaten Vandy in football, men’s basketball, baseball, women’s basketball and golf. And that’s not even a complete list. If the two schools weren’t three hours away from each other in the same state, it wouldn’t be considered a rivalry at all. But since the Commodores seem to think they’re “Team Nashville,” Vandy-Vols will continue to be a controversial game even though VU isn’t particularly competitive in most competitions.

Either way, Big Orange fans are always looking for ways to reach Vandy. And one troll job the Vol faithful have been considering for years now, but never successfully executed, is to check out the tiny Vanderbilt football stadium like they do at Neyland Stadium. As in the past, “checkering Vandy” came back into the minds of Tennessee fans after UT’s big win over Florida this week. But this time it could really happen.

On Wednesday night, a website called popped up and started circulating on Vol’s message boards. The site shows the grid inside the stadium and gives fans an exact seating plan, just like the official ‘Checker Neyland’ site. Looked…


PLEASE let this happen. I would laugh for an entire year if the Tennessee fans were successful. Share this with anyone you know who might be attending the VU-UT game in Nashville this season, because every Vols fan needs this in their lives.

If Josh Heupel is able to deliver a magical season in 2022 like it looks like he could, checking out Vandy’s stadium would be a nice icing on the cake. Make sure that this happens.

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Virginia C. Taylor