Top 9 Website Design Trends For 2021+ Free Website Budget Template

Almost every business, global or local, today has a website. When a user visits your website, it is your job to leave a lasting impression on them and make their time worth it. Getting creative and skilled design work that catches people’s eyes is crucial to stand out from the crowd.

In this blog, you will see how some of the great websites are u

singing about the latest trends in web design on their website. We have also created a website budget template that will help you calculate how much it would take you to build your website.

You can download the budget template from the website for free, just scroll to the bottom of the blog. If you want to know what the latest trends in web development are, keep reading.

9 web design trends for 2021 that will make you stand out

1. Experiment with different scroll effects

When a user comes to your website and scrolls, they’re not just browsing the pages, they’re also interacting. They try to get to know your brand and products better. The unique scrolling experience you give them on your website via scrolling can make a lasting impression in their mind. The form of cause-and-effect participation that you include in your website design in 2021 is more likely to make users feel more engaged and, therefore, more interested and invested.

The parallax scrolling effect is one of the most successful web design trends in 2021. With the freedom to design, designers and developers can create something magical and shiny with parallax.

Discover the extraordinary experience created by Moooi. The whole scrolling experience is fluid and so immersive.

Delassus Group does a great job of incorporating side scrolling on their website.

Apple IWD 2020 The landing page uses dynamic scrolling with an image gallery canvas. The website scrolls to the side where the cursor is moving.

Another way to get creative with the scrolling experience is to scroll through the cards. This is a current web design trend that will surely be seen in 2021. Scroll cards can be horizontal or vertical. Either way, they add a refreshing touch to your website and are a convenient way to present information.

Felipe Elioenay uses the concept of scrolling cards beautifully in their website.

Train thief used a panoramic image in the background and brilliantly used it for horizontal scrolling purposes.

Points to check when implementing parallax and dynamic scrolling in your web design:

  • The scrolling effects you choose to incorporate should not distract users from crucial information
  • Effects should be amazing but kept to a minimum
  • Effects should not make it difficult for users to accomplish the task they are on the website for.
  • Adding an option to let users turn off scrolling and parallax effects is optional but recommended

2. Reinvent the cursor in your web design

The cursor should not be too complicated. You can elevate and spice up your website by just adding a few simple and unique elements to your website slider. You can just change the shape of the cursor or go as complex as adding cursor triggered animation to your web design in 2021.

The site of Siegel’s herd did a great job replacing the normal cursor with a custom cursor based on the traditional shape of an arrow in a 10X magnified size.

An agency based in Los Angeles HausThe website designed their custom slider with a “Kaleidoscope” effect. Wherever the user moves the cursor, the beautiful kaleidoscope animation follows.

Paul Fornasier also created a legendary playful slider. As the user scrolls vertically aligned text, the custom cursor displays different images and plays different piano tones.

So, use this latest web design trend in 2021 to make your website stand out.

3. Minimalism Is An Effective Web Design Trend 2021

Often referred to as “flat design,” minimalism is one of the latest web design trends that is gaining popularity in 2021.

Oddly enough, people immediately associate minimalism with all white, which is not always true. You can choose other subtle colors and create a minimalistic web design.

Minimalism in website design basically means using subtle background colors with clear text and adding minimal yet attractive design elements.

Minimalism at its best illustrated by The post family – partly black, partly white and partly all in!

Shopify is another great example of color with minimalism. Every web page on the Shopify website has a light background color, bold text, and beautiful images.

This current trend in web design can make your website look professional and give your website users clear clarity on what you are doing and what you have to offer.

4. Website design more UI / UX focused

No matter how many fantastic elements you include in your web design, there’s no point if the UX (user experience) isn’t smooth. If you’re aiming for a modern web design, it’s important to pay close attention to your website’s user experience and make sure it’s seamless, engaging, and uninterrupted.

This means that your website should:

  • Fast page loading speed
  • Responsive website
  • Efficiently use white space
  • Relevant SEO content
  • Multimedia

At the same time, the US (user interface) of your website should also be intuitive. To improve the user interface of your web design, include:

  • Image captions
  • VUI or voice user interface
  • Balanced motion design
  • Video transcript

For your website to have a modern web design in 2021, everything needs to be translated effortlessly and flawlessly on both mobile and desktop. Building a UI / UX-focused website is a key web design trend in 2021.

5. Use 3D whenever possible

With the maturation of web design technology, web designers have found wonderful ways to make websites stand out from the crowd. The integration of 3D design elements is another latest web design trend in 2021.

The NS ! The website has excellent colorful 3D graphics that invite users to create their own recipes by choosing ingredients.

Yaya harnessed the power of the 3D effect and showed off their talent on their homepage with original animation.

Blank blank is another great example of how 3D web design can be used to add beauty to your website.

6. Create augmented reality experiences in your website design

All thanks to advancements in design technology, you can provide users who access your website with an immersive, near-real experience focused on your product. This is possible thanks to augmented reality (AR).

Jeep uses this latest trend in website design to provide insight into their vehicle’s interior. It uses the power of AR to sell its products and empower customers in the purchasing decision-making process.

7. Videos as a website design trend in 2021

An increasingly famous web design trend in 2021 is to add videos to your website homepage. Gone are the days when you could only use videos for product tips, reviews, and testimonials. With the ever increasing development of new technologies, beautifully recorded videos can be added to your website design in new, innovative and exciting ways.

Take a look at these sites with video backgrounds

Jackie is one of those websites that has a captivating video on its homepage.

mediaBOOM is another great example.

8. Tailor the audio to your web design

Active digital audio consumers spent 2 hours 5 minutes per day listening to audio in 2020, eMarketer research finds [1]. This year is likely to add another 5 minutes. Currently, adults in the United States spend an average of 1 hour 29 minutes per day on audio content. By 2022, the average time spent consuming audio content is expected to drop to 1:37.

While we agree that sometimes music or sound can get boring when not in demand on certain websites, in some cases adding audio to a website will increase the value and make it different. a crowd. Remember to give an easy way to mute the sound on your website.

Here are some websites with great sound that you can take inspiration from.

Nashville-based folk music duo More Hazard site pays attention to presenting his music in a creative way. Their colorful and creative web design with high quality artwork is topped with amazing background music.

from google Hashima Island features an abandoned island located about 15 miles from Nagasaki. The website takes you to this forgotten land through black and white navigation and spooky sound effects.

Relax, we are the good guys, a digital agency, has an intriguing website. It also has a black and white web design that is fueled by simple, soothing music.

So, to stay on top of your game, include this 2021 web design trend in your website.

9. Make the most of the no-code movement

No code necessarily results in 100% elimination of coding. No code fundamentally provides anyone with a vision or an idea the ability to create.

Without code, designers can become front-end developers and copywriters can become web designers. SquareSpace, Dorik, Webflow, and Wix are codeless website builders.

The no-code movement in 2021 will allow non-developers with the power to turn their ideas into digital assets, making it the list of top website design trends in 2021.

Free Website Budget Template

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