Top ‘Fact Checker’ labeled Hunter Biden’s laptop story a ‘hoax’ [Video]

Top ‘Fact Checker’ labeled Hunter Biden’s laptop story a ‘hoax’ [Video]

Top ‘Fact Checker’ labeled Hunter Biden’s laptop story a ‘hoax’

Fact checkers are just partisan censorship tools

Paul Joseph Watson

The co-founder of one of the world’s leading ‘fact-checking’ organisations, which presents itself as the supreme authority on which news sources can be trusted, has called the now fully confirmed story a ‘hoax’ of a real Hunter Biden laptop.


Weeks before the 2020 presidential election, old media said the laptop scandal was a hoax, with Politico and others citing “dozens of former intelligence officials” who called it “Russian disinformation “.

This prompted social media giants like Twitter and Facebook to censor discussions of the story, even excluding major news outlets like the New York Post from their accounts.

However, the story was completely true and (if it was even necessary) it was again confirmed by The New York Times, which reported this week that the emails from the abandoned laptop were “authenticated”. as real.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald described the old media’s attempt to cover up the scandal as “one of the most successful disinformation campaigns in modern American election history”.

This cover-up was aided by major “fact-checking” organizations, including NewsGuard, whose co-founder called the story a Russian “hoax” at the time.

“My personal opinion is that there’s a good chance this story is a hoax, maybe even a hoax perpetrated again by the Russians,” NewsGuard’s Steven Brill said during an appearance on CNBC.

As Allum Bokhari notes, this spectacularly incorrect call is crucial because NewsGuard claims to be the ultimate arbiter of the reliability of news sources.

“NewsGuard has a history of giving negative ratings to conservative-leaning publications, while giving a positive ‘green’ rating to establishment media outlets with a history of publishing hoaxes, such as Rolling Stone,” Bokhari writes.

This proves once again that “fact-checking” organizations are nothing but partisan tools used to bludgeon freedom of expression and censor information that upsets the regime.

Despite countless examples of brazen misinformation and hoaxes over the past month, including the Snake Island hoax, the fake attack on a kyiv Holocaust memorial and the Ghost of kyiv prank, fact checkers have were largely absent.

Whenever stories emerge that are extremely damaging to the regime and the military-industrial complex, fact checkers are armed to bury them by falsely labeling these stories as “misleading” or hoaxes, even if they are completely genuine.

This is then used to justify their censorship by social media algorithms and the targeted banning and deplatforming of anyone who tries to amplify them.

Fact checkers are not impartial, independent outlets, they are simply information attack dogs working on behalf of the regime.


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