Tring and District Model Railway Club model train builder to show off his skills on TV

A model train builder from the Tring and District Model Railway Club has been wanted for a new model making program that first aired on TV screens this week.

Riley Barnes, a 13th grade student at Cottesloe School in Wing, will be on Hornby: A Model World, a new show that first aired on Monday, October 11.

The 18-year-old’s passion and craftsmanship caught the attention of producers for a new series devoted to building model trains on the Yesterday channel.

One of Riley’s models

Set the series to record as Riley won’t appear on the small screen, until the season finale, slated for December 13.

Producers discovered Riley’s work which was featured at the Tring and District Model Railway Club.

The Cottesloe school student who is currently studying design and technology alongside B-Tech qualifications explained how this unmissable opportunity came about.

Riley said: “[The producers] contacted me through my model railroad club website.


“[Saying] we saw Riley’s model trains on the website and would like to get in touch with him to talk about a possible TV experience.

“I phoned them several times, and finally they said, ‘well, we want to film you, what kind of stuff can we film? “

“I said, ‘Well, I can build a modern railroad for you and then you can come and film the process as well.”

Riley seems totally out of step with her experiences showing her work in front of a film crew.

He explained, however, that he initially thought the invitation to appear on television must have been a farce.

He added: “When I read the email I thought it was a liquidation. I thought it was probably a friend of mine who created a fake e-mail trying to wind me up.

“When I read it I thought ‘hang on’, that might have some form of truth. So eventually I got pretty excited and told a lot of people and then I thought, ‘ let’s wait and see what happens “.”

This lifelong passion lasted as long as Riley can remember, he remembers wanting to learn more about the world of trains from the age of four.

Luckily for Riley everything went well and he’ll be seen at 8 p.m. yesterday in December.

The story-themed channel is available on channel 26 of the Freeview and BT TV packages, channel 125 on Sky, 129 on Virgin and 159 on Freesat.

He first tried to create a model when he was only six years old. He said: “I live in Cheddington, right by the railroad tracks.

“I remember seeing the trains everyday, thinking they were so cool. We walked past the tracks and if I saw there was a green light on the signal ahead. We had to stop and watch the train. train and wait for it to pass.

“I remember getting on the model trains, going to shows at the club I’m now a member of. I remember watching an advertisement for Hornby, about their Pendolino and I was like ‘I want this’.

“I wouldn’t stop picking on my parents until they got this from me for Christmas.”

Today, Riley is on a show dedicated to the famous railway brand that helped launch his passion for trains years ago.

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