Updated GoDaddy Website Builder dashboard shows exactly how your business is performing

Small business owners will get additional help from GoDaddy after the domain registrar and the web hosting company introduce new updates to their Websites + Marketing offering.

The upgrade includes further improvements to the metrics dashboard for small business owners to better understand the health of their business, as well as improve their social presence.

The metrics dashboard includes enhanced analytics on visitors, sales, orders, and reservations over time, in addition to social views. Social metrics have been put in place to help SMEs optimize content to grow their business.

Online presence of SMEs

Other features included in the new GoDaddy dashboard update are:

– Overview of social views at a glance, with the ability to compare views, engagement and overall performance of all their social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and Google My Business

– Analyzes on website traffic, sales, orders and reservations over time to spot trends

– Personalized recommendations on how to improve conversion, increase visibility, optimize content, etc.

In a blog post announcing the news, GoDaddy said, “This new holistic view of business performance helps small business owners look at their business from multiple angles to quickly identify their strengths, as well as areas that could potentially benefit. require reinforcement.

“The extra visibility into social media performance is especially critical in a world where 54% of Gen Z and 49% of Gen Y say social media is their preferred channel for discovering new products or services.”

In addition to the dashboard update, GoDaddy released new email design templates that make it easier to create, send, and personalize marketing emails.

Speaking of the email template update, GoDaddy added, “A well-designed email is also a great way to expand brand awareness on a large scale.

“With the ability to select everything: logo, color scheme, fonts, button sizes and shapes, and the ability to lock preferences, customers will always recognize a brand’s emails in their inbox. “

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