Use a graph creator to ensure the cybersecurity of your business

If you are an aspiring information security analyst, you may have researched the salary information for this particular position. Interestingly, according to ZipRecruiter, the salary for cybersecurity analysts ranges from $ 6,666 to $ 11,333 per month.

It’s quite mind-boggling, isn’t it?

However, it cannot be denied that cybersecurity professionals deserve huge compensation because this job is complicated and crucial. Businesses are willing to pay people who can protect software and networks because cybersecurity simply cannot be afforded to ignore. It is more crucial now that we are facing a pandemic as several cybersecurity threats have reportedly emerged.

But have you heard of the usefulness of a graphics creator is in cybersecurity? Are you curious about how a simple graphic designer can protect your business from cybercriminals? If you want to know, we invite you to keep reading.

Understanding cybersecurity

Cyber ​​security refers to the protective measures most organizations take to defend their electronic systems, data, devices, programs, and networks against cyber attacks and other cyber threats.

Without cybersecurity, the privacy and security of your company’s digital information and electronic data could be compromised. Some companies even spend huge sums of money on cybersecurity. Indeed, according to Gatefy, experts suggest that companies should spend 10-15% of their IT budget on cybersecurity.

The importance of cybersecurity for any organization

A business cannot function without practicing cybersecurity. This is because information technology has become an important part of running businesses, creating communication networks, and developing the whole business.

Other reasons why cybersecurity is essential to your business are:

  • Cyber ​​security can prevent data leaks, especially sensitive data, personal information and intellectual property.
  • It could save you tons of money. It is better to spend money on cybersecurity than to waste more money solving cyber attacks that have already happened.
  • It protects your business computer and important devices from viruses that not only corrupt your files, but even your system.
  • Implementing cybersecurity in your business also promotes the credibility of your website and business system. Who would trust a company whose website is difficult to access and looks unsafe?

6 examples of cybersecurity threats

The goals of cybercriminals are generally the same: they all want to make a profit. They do this by stealing sensitive data and violating the privacy of any individual or business. They are actually scary. That is why you should be aware of the common security threats today. Here are just a few:

  • Phishing
  • Password attacks
  • Malware attacks
  • “The Man in the Middle” (MitM)
  • Mobile malware
  • Internal threats

Graph Makers: Beneficial for the cybersecurity of your business?

We mentioned the usefulness of graphic designers earlier. If you were curious about how charting websites like Venngage contribute to cybersecurity, here’s the bottom line: Charting makers help cyber threat analysts understand complex data. Charting websites provide data visualization / timeline templates and examples that can make data easier to enter.

Venngage is a great example of a credible chart maker. Many people from different industries, not just cybersecurity, are probably aware of the benefits of this tool. The best thing about Venngage is that it is one of the free graphics makers out there. Imagine how much money you can save by using it.

Types of charts you can use for cybersecurity

Now that you already know how graphic designers help your business cybersecurity, here are the types of charts you can use in cybersecurity-related issues, tasks, or reports:

Bar graph


Bar charts are often used in cybersecurity field to show the number of daily breaches, vulnerability attack reports, and other cyber attack statistics.

Line graph

Use a graph creator to ensure the cybersecurity of your business

A line chart is a reliable tracker of data that changes over short and long periods of time. Along with cybersecurity, this is a good graph to use as a real-time dashboard that shows metrics like intrusion attempts detected, security ratings, and the number of botnet infections.

Circular diagram

A pie chart might not show information that changes over time, but that doesn’t mean it’s not useful. It is used to display the percentages of a whole and the percentages of the total.

Take this particular model from Venngage for example. This pie chart perfectly presents the key decision makers of various companies that have fallen victim to phishing scams. You can definitely modify this template or use it however you want.

Use a graph creator to ensure the cybersecurity of your business

How To Take Advantage Of A Graphics Creator For Your Business Cybersecurity

Use a graph creator to ensure the cybersecurity of your business

There are many graphics online. But surely Venngage can help you a lot. Aside from the templates and the free samples that they provide, you will surely appreciate how they categorize their models. So if you are looking for something related to cybersecurity, grab it and Venngage will help you find the perfect model.

If you need more help navigating this tool, feel free to check out their blogs. Through their content, you can find tips, tricks and tips that you can rely on to be able to choose the perfect data visualization.

Isn’t it nice to know that there is a tool that can make such a complex task more manageable?

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