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This screenshot from Crumbl’s lawsuit against competitor Crave shows cookie presentations that Crumbl believes Crave copied, location and date not specified | Screenshot courtesy of KSL.COM, St. George News

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah-based gourmet cookie company Crumbl is suing rivals Crave and Dirty Dough over what it calls “confusingly similar” logos, websites and other marketing materials.

He also accuses Dirty Dough of copying recipes, claiming the founder’s brother is a former Crumbl employee.

Crumbl’s lawsuits detail the websites, packaging and menu features they believe Crave and Dirty Dough took from them.

They include header sections with close-up images of cookies; a cookie logo with a bite taken; long boxes that fit cookies side by side perfectly; and similar cookie recipes and presentation, such as lime cookies with white frosting and lime wedges on top or sugar cookies made from fruity cereals.

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Virginia C. Taylor