Website builder Munch gets £1.3m boost – UKTN

London-based website builder startup Munch has raised £1.3m for its platform which aims to simplify web development for businesses and “side hustles”.

Munch faces stiff competition in the no-code website building market, with companies like WordPress and Squarespace becoming household names. However, the London-based platform says its offering is different as it focuses on mobile website development.

This is based on the idea that small businesses and those running side projects need the ability to work on their webpage on the go.

Another key competitive distinction is the business model. While the majority of the industry uses a freemium subscription model – in which basic access to tools is free but premium features require a subscription plan – Munch is completely free, instead taking a commission on the money earned through the website made with its platform, bringing it into the e-commerce provider space.

“SMEs are the cornerstone of stable economies and most of them start as a side hustle. This is where we want to focus first,” said Munch Founder and CEO Alex Bondarev.

“We’ve had a great run with all the simple website building tools, but now I think it’s time for the tools to be as flexible as people’s lives are today. People who want to succeed online deserve better tools, especially in the modern world. »

The funding round was led by Notion Capital with Credo Ventures.

“The latest research from Microsoft revealed that nearly two-thirds (62%) of Gen Z intend to start their own business and we believe the Munch team has developed a perfect tool for this while providing -useful everywhere that puts the individuality of the creator first,” said Kamil Mieczakowski, Principal at Notion Capital.

“The Munch team have lived and breathed the challenge of starting and running an online business and their deep understanding of the problem is now beginning to translate into an impressive product that is gaining more and more popularity by the day.”

Virginia C. Taylor