Yahoo Small Business offers a free website for 1 year with the Get Online offer

Small businesses looking to connect with their customers can now get a free website. Yahoo Small Business offers its Get Online offer. The offer lasts one year.

This is good news for the large number of business owners looking to start a website for the first time in 2020. And those looking to transition to the digital economy as COVID-19 restrictions relax.

Yahoo Small Business Free Website Offer

Maria Melo, senior business advisor at Yahoo Small Business, is at the forefront of the effort. She has provided advice to small businesses on how to go online to ease the transition as economies pick up. It’s part of those efforts.

The Get Online offer includes consultation time with a professional from the Yahoo Small Business team. Other features designed to help small businesses include:

Models to choose from

Building a website means putting a few different pieces together. There is the content, the pages, the navigation and several other parts. Yahoo has simplified this process for struggling small businesses by adding prototypes they can sort through.

The website builder has over 150 professional templates to choose from.

A domain name

Getting a custom domain makes it easier for people who search for your goods and services to find you. These help with brand marketing and boost digital tools like search engine optimization.

Five professional email addresses

This is another great way to boost your brand online. These personalized addresses come with a mobile app and 1TB of storage. More than enough for the average Ma and Pa store.

There is also a resource center of educational and practical articles for beginners who find their way there. And 24/7 support. The Get Online offer also sweetens the pot with a few other cool features.

As the business plan creator. It’s tempting to put the cart before the horse in the digital world. This will help small businesses by preventing them from getting too far ahead of themselves. The business plan creator sets the strategies and goals to keep you on track.

Analyzes are essential. They help you understand where you are and what you need to do to get ahead online. The Localworks report is part of the Get Online offer. With it, you will be able to see where your business is on the very important search engines and local directories.

The Get Online offer is good for small businesses battling the pandemic.

Daniel Johnson, owner of the wellness coaching company WELL THEORY Explain:

“Within minutes, I had a professional landing page that I could publish and share. Even though it wasn’t free the first year, it’s competitive with other similar services I’ve seen, ”he wrote in a company statement.

There are other positive reviews.

“The Yahoo Small Business Get Online offer was the perfect way for someone like me who just started a small business to market themselves. This offer got me out of the fight I was in. And my business is already thriving thanks to my new free program website, ”writes Keri Rolland, owner of Kasmn Beauty..



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